The Heroes of Arbor Vale

Chapter 1: The Road to Ylaruam, Part I

The Heroes Embark

Chapter One, Part I: Arbor Vale

Day One

Our heroes, who will soon have names and character pages, spend a week in Arbor Vale interacting with their mentors (who will also have character pages soon), as well as with the various merchants and travelers that come with the Great Week of Trade. In addition to preparing to leave for the outside world, they meet new friends and hire on some mercenaries to keep them safer on the road.

After much debate, and a lot of assurances to the party wizard, the road to the fabled desert city of Ylaruam was chosen as the party’s first adventure. Reasons given were the size of the city, the warmth of the climate, and the lure of a mysterious prophecy that has caused Sultan Abad Kor-Kalan to prohibit arcane magic and sentence its practitioners to death.

Party Goals
1. Travel to Ylaruam

Character Goals



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