The Heroes of Arbor Vale

Chapter One: The Road to Ylaruam, Part II
Caravan Across the Mountains and Desert

Chapter One, Part II: Caravan Trek

Day Two
The caravan departs Arbor Vale with nearly 40 people in tow. Notable people include:
Jaresh Tal, the caravan driver
Kebish Kebatlam, the merchant master
Zolpo the Bard, a singer

The first day is rather quiet as everyone settles into their saddles and wagons. The PCs are antsy as the dull routine of the road offers little of the excitement and adventure they expected in their journey. The first camp is rather quiet, with the PCs exhausted from their adventure and falling asleep quickly.

Day Three
After a rough day of travel through the roughest part of the mountain trail, the PC’s sit down around a fire and talk about their pasts, their hopes, and what they think of their adventure so far. As the tales are winding down a cry is heard from the darkness. It turns out to be a sentry who, for whatever reason, strayed into the darkness and was surprised by a group of goblins. The goblins then cause chaos in the camp and draw off the PC’s while a number of them ransack the supply wagon. The little buggers make off with the three large sacks of food and equipment, but as the night is dark the PC’s wisely do not follow them into the mountains.

Day Four
Kebish and Jaresh briefly meet in the morning to assess the damage done by the raid, and seeing that it is light determine to move on. The PC’s, meanwhile, are in the mood to track the goblins. Kebish tells them he will not wait and cannot feed them from the caravan’s depleted stores, but he wishes them well and suggests they catch up before the wagons reach the road and turn east into the desert.

It takes the PC’s the better part of the morning to find the trail, but once they do it isn’t long before they reach a large cave high on the mountain. Jax and Mawryn mercilessly slaughter a pair of sleeping sentries before venturing deeper into the cave, where Mawryn is mauled by a wolf and is forced to retreat while the others continue on. After seeing torchlight and hearing a call from deeper in the cave, the party (minus Mawryn) ventures forth, with Jax scouting around corners with her mirror. They finally come upon the lair of a goblin king sitting atop a pile of filthy furs. The goblins have laid a trap for the PCs, which rains fiery oil down on Taymet and her retainer, Eshad. The fighters make quick work of the goblins, with Mawryn impatiently rushing back to make the final kill on a fleeing goblin guard. Eshad’s heroic zealotry is revealed as he almost sacrifices himself in combat with the goblin king, but Taymet is able to convince him to retreat after he takes a near fatal blow. The PC’s then claim the king’s treasure as their own (including the stolen supplies), with Naroux using his engineering knowledge to dislodge the broken locking mechanism on a wooden box that held the most valuable treasure, a set of painted porcelain figurined of unknown origin and visage.

Day Five
After camping overnight in the mountains, the party rejoins the caravan just a day out from the road. Kebish is glad to see them (he was worried he would lose the Arbor kids before they even left the mountains, a blemish on his reputation) and offers them a reward of 50gp for returning the supplies.

Party Goals
1. Travel to Ylaruam

Character Goals

Chapter 1: The Road to Ylaruam, Part I
The Heroes Embark

Chapter One, Part I: Arbor Vale

Day One

Our heroes, who will soon have names and character pages, spend a week in Arbor Vale interacting with their mentors (who will also have character pages soon), as well as with the various merchants and travelers that come with the Great Week of Trade. In addition to preparing to leave for the outside world, they meet new friends and hire on some mercenaries to keep them safer on the road.

After much debate, and a lot of assurances to the party wizard, the road to the fabled desert city of Ylaruam was chosen as the party’s first adventure. Reasons given were the size of the city, the warmth of the climate, and the lure of a mysterious prophecy that has caused Sultan Abad Kor-Kalan to prohibit arcane magic and sentence its practitioners to death.

Party Goals
1. Travel to Ylaruam

Character Goals


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